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(WASHINGTON) — Lax security of military weapons shipments poses a risk to the nation’s safety and security, according to a report from the United States Government Accountability Office.

The data, released Thursday, indicate at least 44 instances in the past two years in which the Department of Defense didn’t provide commercial carriers with “secure hold areas” for hazardous materials. In 2013, approximately 1.6 million HAZMAT shipments were transported, all of which can be high risk and highly sensitive, involving explosives, toxins, and missiles.

Even the smallest number of shipments improperly handled, labeled or packaged could result in the loss of life and “harm to national security interests,” the report said. Instances where secure holds are not provided affect public safety, according to the GAO.

The agency also found that the DoD experienced challenges in implementing regulations, with improper documentation and packaging leading to delays at ports.

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