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(BOSTON) — Massachusetts lawmakers wasted literally no time at all to respond forcefully to a ruling by the Massachusetts Supreme Court that a man did not violate state law by taking pictures up women’s skirts on a public transit system.

The case against Michael Robertson was dismissed Wednesday due to a loophole since none of the women he secretly photographed were nude or partially nude, the specific provision that makes upskirting a crime in the state.

However, with the public furious that Robertson got to walk away without punishment, both the Massachusetts House and Senate approved a bill Thursday banning the practice known as “upskirting.” Gov. Deval Patrick has promised to sign it into law, making taking these photos a misdemeanor and distributing them a felony.

House Speaker Robert A. DeLeo said in a statement, “We are sending a message that to take a photo or video of a woman under her clothing is morally reprehensible and, in Massachusetts, we will put you in jail for doing it.”

Since Robertson’s case was thrown out before the new law is enacted, he still gets off Scott-free. He was caught in the act by undercover cops snapping photos of women under their skirts while riding the Boston public transit in 2010.

The high court overruled a lower court decision that Robertson could not seek to have the charges dismissed based on the current law.

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