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(NEW YORK) — For a movie whose plot revolves around a space shuttle being smashed to bits, Gravity is a surprise hit with the people aboard the International Space Station.

NASA recently posted a video in which astronauts Mike Hopkins, Rick Mastracchio and Koichi Wakata congratulate the film for its success while aboard the ISS.

“We know a little bit about gravity, and the lack of gravity,” said Hopkins, before handing the microphone off to do several zero-G front flips for the camera.

“Of course, nothing beats the real thing here in space,” added Mastracchio. “But we want to congratulate the entire production and directing team and the stars of Gravity…in bringing this ultimate in extreme environments to movie-goers around the world.”

Back on Earth, the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center also commemorated the movie. The organization posted a new photo album to its Flickr Page, showcasing some of the best photos over the years taken in orbit. Several of the photos featuring astronauts performing maintenance work look as if they were pulled from the movie’s opening scenes.

The film was one of the top winners of Sunday night, earning seven Academy Awards, including one for Alfonso Cuaron for best director. Sandra Bullock was nominated for best actress.

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