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Dierks Bentley plays the San Antonio Rodeo Thursday, and he can’t wait to get to his latest hit, “I Hold On,” on the set list. The song recently went top 10 at country radio, so Dierks knows his fans are becoming more and more familiar with the song.

He tells ABC News Radio, “Until a song gets top 10, you really don’t hear it on radio that much. So, now that it’s top 10, I’m starting to kinda scan the channels a little bit and catching it here and there.”

“I Hold On” addresses very personal aspects of his life, including the recent death of his father and his devotion to wife, Cassidy. He balances that out with mentions of more universal topics like holding on to faith and freedom as well.

“If there was ever a song that I wanted to be on radio, it would be ‘I Hold On,” because it’s such a reflection of me,” Dierks explains. “Honestly, it’s about my truck, about my guitar, and it’s a reflection of these values that we all have — faith, love and freedom, but it’s also a love song to my wife.”

Though he’s scored multiple #1 hits over the years, Dierks is just glad “I Hold On” has found a spot on country radio playlists.

He says, “It’s never a guarantee. It just gets harder with the number of great artists and great songs and there only being so many slots on the radio. It’s never a given, but this one is, it’s just feeling really great.”

“I Hold On” is included on Dierks’ new album, Riser, due out next week.

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