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Lamar Wyatt was released from prison on Wednesday’s episode of ABC’s Nashville, but he may be headed straight to the graveyard thanks to his ex son-in-law, Mayor Teddy Conrad. Teddy confronted Lamar for ordering the hit on his life that ended up killing his wife Peggy, but it was Teddy’s revelation that Lamar’s daughter Tandy ratted him out to the feds that left Lamar gasping for air on Teddy’s office floor. It looks like Lamar was suffering another heart attack, but Teddy refused to call for help as he watched Lamar dying.

 Lamar’s daughter, Rayna Jaymes, had two run-ins with her father. In the first one, Lamar admitted he was chasing after Rayna’s mother when she lost control of her car and died in the crash. Lamar saw that she was dead and left on a business trip to avoid suspicion he was involved. In their second run-in, Rayna yelled at Lamar for ordering a hit on Teddy, her ex-husband.

Elsewhere in Nashville, closeted country star Will Lexington ended up getting his ex-lover and record label staffer Brent fired. When his roommate Gunnar told him getting rid of Brent wouldn’t do away with his attraction to men, Will shot back, “I know what I want, and I’m not gonna let anybody get in my way.”

Deacon Claybourne recorded his live album at The Bluebird Café, and his niece, Scarlett, continued taking pills to keep up with her hectic work schedule. She used the pills before appearing in Rayna’s new video for “This Time,” which will be the lead single from Rayna’s upcoming album.

Deacon and Rayna co-wrote “This Time” in an earlier episode. In real life, that song was penned by Allison Moorer and hit writer Jeffrey Steele. His songs have become hits for Faith Hill, Tim McGraw and Rascal Flatts in the last few years. Jeffrey is also a big hero of Charles Esten, who plays Deacon on the show.

Charles explains, “I get this script, and I end up in Nashville. It’s not long after that that I tell that story to somebody and they say, ‘I know Jeffrey.’ And I hear, ‘You should give him a call.’ And I give him a call, and he couldn’t be kinder. He says, ‘You wanna write?'”

Charles says writing with Jeffrey was “mind-blowing,” and Jeffrey was just as excited to hear his song, “This Time,” would be featured on Nashville.

Says Jeffrey, “That was pretty cool, just the fact that he was like, ‘I’m singing your song on the show, dude. I’m singing your song on the show!’ It’s pretty exciting.”

“This Time” is now available on iTunes. For more on the music of Nashville, go to the ABC Music Lounge.

Nashville returns with an all-new episode Wednesday at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

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