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Tyler Farr releases his steamy new video for “Whiskey in My Water” this week, but you won’t find Tyler stripping down for any of the love scenes. He hired actors to play the couple in the clip.

“Now, the guy looks nothing like me,” Tyler tells ABC News Radio. “He’s like Hunter Hayes weight or something. He’s about 120, 130 soaking wet. 140 pushing it.”

He adds with a laugh, “It’s not like seeing a shower scene or something with me or Lee Brice or someone in there, you know.”

In keeping with the whiskey theme, Tyler shot the video at the George Dickel distillery in Tennessee. You can see him drinking some Dickel in the clip, but he put the glass down before things got out of hand.

Tyler admits, “I was buzzing like a chainsaw before I left there almost. I said, ‘We’re gonna have to quit doing all these takes, or I’m gonna have to call a cab to get home.'”

With “Whiskey in My Water,” Tyler has a chance to show the other side of himself apart from his debut hit, “Redneck Crazy.”

Tyler compares the new video to “Redneck Crazy” saying, “It’s not the Willie Robertson from Duck Dynasty throwing toilet paper and Colt Ford showing his belly. So, it was good. I like to keep people on their toes and keep mixin’ it up.”

Check out Tyler’s “Whiskey in My Water” video, now on Vevo.

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