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The members of Eli Young Band have spent most of their adult lives on the road playing shows, but that lifestyle is harder than ever now that the group’s Mike Eli and Jon James have kids at home. Thankfully, they get to see their little ones courtesy of the FaceTime video phone feature on their iPhones.

Mike tells ABC News Radio, “It’s one of those things that you have this feeling of, ‘I don’t want her to forget my face.’ So, FaceTime has kind of taken that fear away a little bit.”

His baby girl, Kline, gets really excited when she sees Mike’s face pop up on the screen, too.

“Her reaction has been really fun,” Mike says. “She’s now getting to the point where she understands, ‘Daddy’s on the road, and this is how I get to communicate with him.'”

Jon is thankful for technology that allows them to keep in touch with their families anytime they want. He’s heard stories of what it was like to tour most of the year before the advent of smart phones.

Says Jon, “It’s crazy talking to guys that were on the road back in the day when the tour bus would stop at midnight to gas up at the truck stop, everybody would get off the bus and line up at the payphone so you could call home. That was your chance.”

He adds, “We really are lucky in that regard.”

Eli Young Band will be touring all year long in support of their new album, 10,000 Towns, due out March 4.

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