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Nashville returned to ABC Wednesday night with images of Rayna Jaymes comforting her ex-husband Teddy as his new wife Peggy‘s body was loaded into a coroner’s van. In a press conference the next day, Teddy admitted the bullet that killed Peggy was meant for him. The shooter was found dead of an apparent suicide, but Teddy, who is the current mayor of Nashville, remains concerned about future assassination attempts.

Closeted country singer Will Lexington was last seen on Nashville standing on railroad tracks as a train approached, but it turns out he jumped off the tracks and retreated to the wilderness instead. When his roommate Gunnar finally found him camping out and offered his support, Will came around and eventually rejoined Juliette Barnes‘ tour. Will did put his ex-lover and record label representative Brent on notice they wouldn’t be seeing each other again, though.

Meanwhile, Gunnar and his ex-girlfriend Scarlett got the news Kelly Clarkson wanted to record one of their songs. Gunnar is now dating Scarlett’s ex-best friend, which made it very awkward when they sang the song for Kelly, who appeared as herself on the show. When Kelly asked them to write more songs for her upcoming album, Scarlett declined, saying she couldn’t work with Gunnar.

After that incident, Scarlett went home to her renewed love interest, Avery, only to realize he was really in love with Juliette, who made a recent late-night visit to their apartment. Once Scarlett and Avery decided to split, Avery quickly reached out to Juliette, who was going through major difficulties of her own.

Labeled a homewrecker for her affair with married billionaire Charlie Wentworth, Juliette had religious protesters picketing her concerts. One protester riled Juliette up talking about her mother, who died of a drug overdose. Juliette told him, “There is no God that would listen to a crackpot like you,” but video of that exchange was edited to make it look like Juliette said, “There is no God.” Juliette’s opening act and nemesis, Layla Grant, actually heard the exchange, but not even Layla’s support stopped fans from burning Juliette’s albums and photos at protests all over the country.

Juliette’s dark mood as her fans turn against her was foreshadowed at the top of the show as she sang the ballad, “Dreams.” Juliette and Avery were shown earlier in the season writing the song. Hayden Panettiere, who portrays Juliette, thinks this song shows off a different side of her usually high-strung character.

She says, “My character is usually up in the rafters somewhere, so to do a song that’s much more humble and much more focused on the lyrics, it was a really cool change. The lyrics are just haunting and beautiful and honest.”

Hayden’s co-star Jonathan Jackson, who plays Avery, feels the same way about “Dreams.”

He explains, “It says so much but it’s very economical in its lyrics, which is a really difficult thing to pull off as a songwriter.”

“Dreams” is now available for download at iTunes. For more information on the song, check out this week’s On the Record feature in the ABC Music Lounge.

Nashville returns next Wednesday at 10 p.m. ET.

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