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Santa and his elves are working overtime this Christmas to keep up with the wish lists submitted by Little Big Town members Karen Fairchild and Kimberly Schlapman‘s kids.  Karen’s son with husband and band mate Jimi Westbrook, three-year-old Elijah, is constantly changing his mind about what he wants from Santa.

Karen tells ABC News Radio, “He’s told me to tell Santa what to get, but he wants everything that comes on the TV. He’s at that age where, literally, a new commercial could come on, and he’d be like, ‘Ooh, I want that!'”

Kimberly’s daughter, six-year-old Daisy, has started a major letter-writing campaign to Santa so he knows exactly what she wants under the tree.

“She wanted this specific doll, and then found out her grandmother was going to get her this specific doll,” Kimberly explains. “So, Santa didn’t need to get it. So, she wrote him another note and said at the bottom, ‘Actually, I don’t need the doll.'”

Kimberly is also focused on baking some holiday treats for her family this week.

She says, “There’s this new pumpkin bread I’m excited about trying. I just love cooking, especially at Christmastime.”

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