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Kelly Clarkson can afford to buy anything she wants this Christmas, but she knows what it’s like to wake up to find nothing under the tree.

“We didn’t really do presents a lot,” Kelly says of her childhood Christmases back in Texas. “They would say it was because of religion, but we were really just poor. It was always, like, ‘Well, it’s about Jesus.’ And I’m like, OK, really you just don’t have money, and that’s cool.”

Kelly didn’t go without, though. Her best friend’s mother would always buy her a few gifts, but one year, her parents came through in a big way to buy her a keyboard for Christmas.

She says, “I mean, a keyboard in our house was a lot of money, y’all. I bawled. I was so excited, and I wrote my first song on it.”

Kelly still keeps that keyboard in her attic as a reminder of her parents’ belief in her musical talent.

“As a kid, you get positive feedback,” she explains, “You know, it was like the first thing I felt like I was really talented at.”

Kelly used those musical talents to write and record several new Christmas songs on her just-released holiday album, Wrapped in Red.

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