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Like most single guys, Chris Young is really bad at wrapping Christmas gifts.  His method consists of setting the gift in the center of some wrapping paper, scrunching it up at the top, tying a ribbon around it and then sticking a nametag on it. That complete lack of wrapping skills has become a running joke at his family Christmas parties.

Chris says with a laugh, “Everybody knows which ones mine are, ’cause you know my mom and my sister, and my mom wrapped for my dad, so, they’re all real pretty and the corners are done real nice.”

The presents Chris gets from his family members may be wrapped very well, but he usually has no idea what he’s getting since he doesn’t make a Christmas list. He basically tells his family, “If you see something that looks like me, get that.”

Since he’s a big gamer, Chris did tell his mother to get him the new PS4 or Xbox One system this year, but he knows they are among the hottest gift items this holiday season.

He says, “My mom’s like, ‘Thank you for asking for one thing that would be almost impossible for me to go get right now.'”

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