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Cole Swindell‘s family doesn’t simply exchange presents at Christmastime. Instead, they spice things up with a game of Dirty Santa, in which each family member draws a number allowing them either to draw from a pile of gifts or take a gift away from another family member.

“It’s always hilarious,” Cole says. “We always have an uncle or an aunt that brings a crazy gift that everybody wants. So, it gets pretty feisty in there.”

So far, no one has ever gotten hurt during the Swindell family’s annual gift exchange.

Cole adds, “It’s just a fun time to just have fun with gifts. It’s nothing serious. It’s just to kinda…fellowship, as we like to call it.”

Cole has sold more than 500,000 copies of his debut single, “Chillin’ It.” Look for his self-titled debut project to hit stores February 18.

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