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Chris Young represents country music on CBS’s annual adoption special, A Home for the Holidays with Celine Dion, Wednesday night. R&B star Ne-Yo is also on the bill for the show, which shines a light on families whose lives have been changed by adoption from foster care.

Chris says, “It’s focusing on adoption at a time when everybody’s really getting to be with their family. I think it’s something that’s gonna be great music, and it’s also something that’s gonna make you think when you watch it, which is really cool.”

While Chris is excited to debut his new single, “Who I Am with You,” on the special, he urges viewers to stay tuned for host Celine Dion’s performance. They taped the special in Los Angeles a few days ago, and Chris was blown away at her vocal power.

“Obviously, if you are a singer of any way, shape or form, you love her because she just sings her butt off,” Chris explains. “It was cool getting a chance to talk to her and watch her perform a little bit. I’ve seen her on I don’t know how many things on TV and recorded, obviously, but not live. It sounds just like the recorded version, so that was really cool.”

A Home for the Holidays airs Wednesday night at 8 ET on CBS.

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