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(BOSTON) — The upcoming marriage between a Boston Marathon bombing survivor and the nurse who helped him recover has the hospital where the pair met “buzzing.”

“Everyone who works on the floor here, who knew him, everyone is buzzing about it,” Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital spokesman Tim Sullivan told ABC News of former patient James Costello. “All of us are really proud of him.”

Costello, in his 30s, spent nearly two weeks in in-patient therapy at the Boston-area hospital after undergoing multiple surgeries to treat the burns he received when the bombs went off at the marathon’s finish line last April.

“He suffered pretty significant burn injuries and was here for a few weeks,” Sullivan said.  “A number of his friends continued to be here so Jim was on the floors even after he was discharged, visiting his friends and making sure they were OK.”

During his stay at Spaulding, Costello met Krista D’Agostino, a traveling nurse whose roughly six-week tour of duty at the hospital coincided with Costello’s stay.

The pair fell in love and on Saturday, while on an all-expenses paid trip to Europe organized for Boston Marathon bombing survivors, Costello proposed.

“After sharing a handful of conversations, I realized not only how beautiful she was but also what a kind heart she had. I somehow convinced her to attend a benefit with me, which turned into a few dates, which turned into a few inseparable months,” Costello wrote on his Facebook page Sunday, according to WCVB.

“Eight months later, I’m happy to announce that we will spend the rest of our lives together,” he wrote. “I now realized why I was involved in the tragedy. It was to meet my best friend, and the love of my life.”

A photo of Costello staggering away from the bombing, with his clothes shredded, became one of the iconic shots in the aftermath of the bombing. He was reportedly at the finish line with a group of friends, who included JP and Paul Norden, two brothers who both lost their right legs in the attack.

Costello was a lingering presence at Spaulding even after his discharge, according to Sullivan, spending time with the other victims.

“He’s really humble and was one of the most supportive people for his friends,” Sullivan said.  “He never wanted attention for himself or asked for anything. He’s just a really wonderful guy.”

“We’re extremely happy for Jim because what we do and what we’re all about is getting people back to their lives,” Sullivan said.  “Things like going on a trip to France, getting married, that’s what we’re all about — getting people back.”

“They all deserve the best,” Sullivan said of the bombing victims.

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