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(SALT LAKE CITY) — A big boulder on the outskirts of a scenic national park in Utah has skidded of a cliff and crushed a house, killing two people.

Several boulders — one the size of a house — fell from a cliff in the town of Rockville, Utah.  One chunk tumbled into a home, completely crushing it, authorities said Thursday.

“Fire department’s gone in and searched everything,” said Kurt Wright, who is chief of police in nearby Springdale, outside of Zion National Park.  “We’ve located the two deceased.”

Wright said rockslides often occur when temperatures dip lower.

“They’ll thaw and then freeze, thaw and freeze,” he said Thursday. “Whether it comes down as a baseball size or the size of a school bus, you know, it varies. But it generally happens every year.”

The area has been plagued by dangerous and damaging rockfalls in the past. In 2011, Utah geologist warned such disasters could happen at anytime, without warning.

Wright said crews are mulling options to safely recover the bodies from the rubble Friday morning.

“We’re trying to determine that right now…If we’re going to need dynamite, use dynamite to shatter it, or if we can do it with equipment. We’re not sure,” he said.

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