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Two lives hung in the balance at the end of Wednesday night’s winter finale of Nashville. Unable to deal with his homosexuality, country star Will Lexington stood on railroad tracks as a train approached after falling back into bed with his ex-lover, record label staffer Brent. Over at the Music City Music Festival, a bullet seemingly meant for Mayor Teddy Conrad hit his new wife, Peggy, instead as Teddy’s ex Rayna Jaymes looked on in horror.

Since this is Nashville, there were plenty of affairs of the heart, too. Juliette Barnes zeroed in on up-and-coming country star Layla Grant as the one who leaked the news of her affair with married billionaire Charlie Wentworth. Juliette and Charlie amicably went their separate ways even though he’s going through with his divorce from his wife Olivia.

At the top of the show, Juliette was shocked to see her fans calling her a “homewrecker” at a concert, but her friend and guitar player Avery helped her finish singing her song, “Trouble Is.” After her talk with Charlie, Juliette rushes over to Avery’s door to confess her love for him only to find he’s back in a relationship with his ex Scarlett.

Scarlett and Zoey are still on the outs since Scarlett caught Zoey kissing her ex, Gunnar, last week. Despite her sadness about losing Scarlett as a best friend, Zoey decides to pursue the relationship with Gunnar.

A few music business deals and decisions went down, too. Rayna partnered with her business-minded sister Tandy to raise the $20 million to get her out of her current record deal. That decision caused Rayna’s relationship with country megastar Luke Wheeler to cool since he’s in business with Rayna’s label president. Rayna’s ex, Deacon Claybourne, got an offer to develop his solo act once he decided to step out on his own with a concert rivaling the Music City  Music Festival. Deacon sang the song, “Playin’ Tricks,” which is just one of the songs included on the new Nashville Season 2, Volume 1 soundtrack, now on iTunes.

Now that Deacon is playing more solo numbers, the guy who plays him, Charles Esten, is excited to play a bigger role on this third installment in the Nashville soundtrack series.

He tells ABC News Radio, “Deacon didn’t play so much on number 2 because I was the backup man for a lot of different people, so this one it’s a little different. He’s stepping up in front of the microphone. So, I got a couple on this one.”

Since Charles has a history in musical theater, it’s a thrill for him to be a part of the Nashville soundtracks.

“I’m still completely tickled by that,” he says. “My friends and my family, they get in touch with you and tell me they got the soundtrack.”

For a look at the writing and selection of “Playin’ Tricks,” check out this week’s On the Record feature in the ABC Music Lounge.

Nashville returns with new episodes on January 15 at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

Here’s the Nashville Season 2, Volume 1 Soundtrack Listing:

“What if I Was Willing,” Chris Carmack
“Can’t Get It Right,” Sam Palladio
“A Life That’s Good,” Lennon & Maisy
“Ball and Chain,” Connie Britton & Will Chase
“This Town,” Clare Bowen & Charles Esten
“Trouble Is,” Hayden Panettiere
“Playin’ Tricks,” Charles Esten
“Why Can’t I Say Goodnight,” Clare Bowen & Sam Palladio
“Tell Me,” Aubrey Peeples
“Wayfaring Stranger,” Charley Rose
“Share with You,” Lennon & Maisy
“How You Learn to Live Alone,” Jonathan Jackson
“Can’t Say No to You,” Hayden Pannetiere & Chris Carmack

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