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(SAN FRANCISCO) — An investigative report released Wednesday into the fatal crash of a Boeing 777 on July 6 reveals that the Asiana Airlines pilot described the approach into the San Francisco International Airport as “very stesssful,” as he was concerned about trying a visual approach.

According to the National Transportation Safety Board, the pilot said he did not know why the airpline was so slow and he believed the auto throttle should have come out of idle to prevent the plane from going below minimum speed.

At an NTSB hearing Wednesday, Chair Deborah Hersman said officials are hoping to gain valuable information about the crash, which killed three teenage girls.

“In this hearing, we will learn about the facts of the crash but we will also learn about the factors that enabled so many to walk away,” Hersman said. “We do have the opportunity today to ensure that the lessons of this event are well-learned and that the circumstances are not repeated.”

The Asiana Airlines crash was the first fatal commercial airliner accident in the United States since 2009.  

“Asiana will change the game because the was zero justification for the accident,” ABC News aviation consultant John Nance said. “It essentially had nothing to do with being confused about the autothrottle modes…Yes, that was a factor, but a very minor one compared to the real engine of destruction: There were no pilots in the cockpit of that Boeing 777.”

Nance added, “There were three systems operators, but they had never had the training nor the experience in just plain flying of an aircraft to qualify them to handle a 777 with the automation turned off… That is not the fault of the three guys on the cockpit, but it is the fault of Asiana and the entire industry in permitting training to be so shallow with respect to basic flying.”

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