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David Nail seems to be in a really good mood singing his latest hit, the uptempo love song, “Whatever She’s Got.” Since he made a name for himself with the moody hits “Let It Rain” and “Red Light,” it’s a big change of pace to hear David singing about a love gone right. He credits this sunny song choice to an overall attitude adjustment in his personal life.

“To be honest, over the last 12 months, I think that I’ve kind of transformed into a carefree and fun individual,” David tells ABC News Radio. “And so, this record kind of took on that personality that I guess I’ve kind of achieved over time.”

Part of David’s happy outlook may stem from spending time on a lake with friends in the past few years. He’s got some pals with a boat who love to crank up the stereo while they’re on the water, and David knew “Whatever She’s Got” would fit perfectly on that lake playlist.

Looking back on the time he first the heard the song, David says, “The first thing I did was text my buddy and say, ‘I’ve got a boat song, now.'”

“Whatever She’s Got” is also a good indication of what fans can expect from David’s new studio album, due out next year.

“That definitely set the tone,” David says. “It is a bit different. I think people are a bit surprised, but I tell ’em all the time, ‘From here on out, we’re about 75 percent happy.'”

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