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Little Big Town’s new single, “Sober,” compares the feeling of being in love to the feeling you get when intoxicated, summing it up with the hook line “when I die, I don’t want to go sober.” But Karen Fairchild admits that led to some confusion with one of the band’s Twitter followers.

“The fans love that song so much, and a fan tweeted the other day and she said, ‘When I die, I don’t wanna go sober,’” she recalls. “And I retweeted it ’cause I just thought it was so sweet, and another fan tweeted me back and said, ‘LBT, is that the way you want to meet your maker on judgment day?’”

Initially, Karen says her instinct was to block the “party pooper” on Twitter, but ultimately, she decided not to.

“I should have. If I was Blake Shelton, I would have blocked her. I would have said, ‘One, two, three, everyone block her,’” she says, borrowing one of Blake’s frequent tweets. “But I didn’t. I just let her think that I wanted to go to heaven drunk,” she laughs.

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