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(NEW YORK) — A California pastor has gained attention after he tweeted a photo of a Bible that was labeled “fiction” at his local Costco.

Caleb Kaltenbach, lead pastor at the nondenominational Discovery Church in Simi Valley, said he was shocked to find the holy book had been relegated to the fiction section.

“I never, ever in my entire life had seen a Bible labeled as fiction,” Kaltenbach told ABC News.  “I just took the picture.  I think really what has been revealed is a larger conversation over faith.  There are people who are passionate about their faith in Christ and passionate against it.”

Costco said in a statement to ABC News that a “small percentage of the Bibles” were mislabeled by the distributor.

“However, we take responsibility and should have caught the mistake,” the statement read.  “We are correcting this with them for future distribution.  In addition, we are immediately relabeling all mislabeled Bibles.”

The pastor said he doesn’t hold the mistake against the mega store, which is known for selling everything from diamond rings to large jars of peanut butter.

“I love Costco,” he said.  “I still plan to shop there a lot.”

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