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There’s a good reason Joe Nichols‘ latest album, Crickets, is full of positive songs like his latest hit, “Sunny and 75.” Living a sober life with his wife, Heather, and their young daughter, Dylan, has Joe in a very good state of mind lately.

He tells ABC News Radio, “This album is very reflective of my maturity. I love being a dad. I love being a husband. I love that life. I love that coming home and kind of experiencing things with my little baby for the first time. I love singing about that stuff.”

Joe also credits a higher power with helping him find this personal sweet spot.

“Well, I’m grateful to God for giving me everything that I have,” Joe explains. “I’m grateful that I have this peace of mind that everything’s gonna be OK. Even the bad times aren’t that bad you know, because I know he’ll give me what I need.”

Joe will be singing songs from Crickets during his Sunday night show in San Antonio, TX.

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