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Taylor Swift is one of the the most gossiped-about celebrities on Earth, but she says with her new album, she’ll finally set the record straight — and present to her fans what she calls a “not fictionalized” version of her life.

“The only time that I ever get to really express to my fans what actually happened in my life is in my music,” Taylor tells London’s Capital FM. “You know, anything that they might hear is a fictionalized version of it. I don’t talk in depth about my personal life in interviews. I don’t do any of that, so the only place for people to really understand what I went through is in my songs.”

Taylor is well into the writing process for the new album, the follow-up to her best-selling disc Red, and she notes that “there’s so much that’s happened in the last year and a half for me to draw inspiration from.”  Some of those things that have happened no doubt involve her love life, but she says fans will have to wait for the new album to be released to get the real scoop.

“That for me is the one common thread; the storytelling aspect, the lyrics that you know tell exactly what happened,” she told Capital FM. “It’s, for me, the one chance that I have to really have that connection with my fans that is not fictionalized.”

And Taylor’s eager to share “exactly what happened” with her fans.

“Now that I’ve written a lot of songs for the next album I’m dying for people to hear it,” she exclaims. “I know that if I want to have success with something else I can’t make Red 2.0. I have to make something completely new, and something that, if you were to hear a song from it, you’d go “Oh that’s not from Red, that’s from the new one.” So that’s what I’m doing.”

There’s no planned release date yet for the new album.  Meanwhile, Taylor will receive the prestigious Pinnacle Award at the Country Music Association Awards ceremony Wednesday night in Nashville.  Later this month, she’ll bring her RED tour to Australia and New Zealand.

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