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Chris Young has written and recorded several smooth songs directed right at his female fans, and it’s clear they’ve gotten the message loud and clear since a few of those, like “Gettin’ You Home” and “You,” have gone all the way to #1.

So, why doesn’t Chris use those song lyrics to help him pick up girls when he’s not onstage? It turns out, Chris is afraid he’d get busted if he used his own song or anyone else’s as a pickup line.

“I don’t even know if that would work,” Chris says with a laugh. “I mean, most girls are gonna be able to figure out that’s from a song, aren’t they? Maybe not. Maybe I’m just missing out on a great opportunity that I have to totally make myself sound smarter and cooler than I actually am by using song lyrics.”

Chris does have an entire catalog of unreleased songs he’s written, so he may pull a line or two from those in the future.

He says, “[I’ll] just have that just shelved for when I need to say something that doesn’t sound moronic to a woman.”

Chris probably wouldn’t want to quote his latest hit, “Aw Naw,” when trying to get to know a new love interest. That party song is the lead single from Chris’s album, A.M., out now.

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