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The drama continued on ABC’s Nashville Wednesday as Rayna James regained her ability to sing and her father, Lamar Wyatt, was thrown behind bars for racketeering. At the beginning of the episode, Rayna was working with a vocal coach to get her voice back after her near-fatal car accident. After inviting her rival, Juliette Barnes, to become a Grand Ole Opry member onstage at a benefit concert, Rayna was forced to sing by a request from the headlining act. With a little help from the audience, Rayna pulled through and rediscovered her voice.

In the meantime, Rayna’s father, Lamar, was arrested based on evidence Rayna’s sister, Tandy, turned into the feds. When Tandy went to visit their father in jail, she lets Lamar believe it was Rayna’s ex-husband and current Nashville mayor Teddy Conrad who turned in that evidence.

The benefit concert was a rough scene for a few other Nashville up-and-comers. Country hunk Will Lexington turned down the advances of TV talent show contest winner Layla Grant because of his closeted homosexuality. After Layla tweeted that she and Will are an item, Will agreed to go along with the relationship at the insistance of his record label. Look for that situation to play out as they both hit the road opening Juliette’s new tour.

Scarlett faced reporters’ questions at the benefit about why Deacon was drinking before the car accident that nearly killed Rayna. When she tried to avoid the question, the new president of Edgehill Records kicked her off the red carpet.

Avery and Gunnar cooled their artistic rivalry at the Bluebird and invited Scarlett‘s friend Zoey to join them as a trio, which caused problems since Avery and Gunnar have both been involved with Scarlett in the past. They all met up at Gunnar’s place to practice, and Gunnar and Zoey ended up in the sack later.

Juliette made amends with Avery after their falling out in an earlier episode, but he refused to come back on the road with her. She ended up letting him use her studio any time he wanted.

The next episode of ABC’s Nashville airs next Wednesday at 10 p.m. ET.

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