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Even if you didn’t get an invite to Kelly Clarkson‘s wedding on Sunday — and let’s face it, since they eloped, no one did — now you can feel like you were actually there, thanks to a video of the big day that Kelly’s posted online.

The video, which runs a minute-and-a-half, is soundtracked to the song “Heavenly Day” by Patti Griffin.  First, we see beautiful scenery of Blackberry Farms in Tennessee where the couple tied the knot, including a covered bridge over a lake.  Next, we see Kelly’s husband Brandon kissing her, and then a shot of the couple, as well as Brandon’s two children from a previous marriage, standing on the bridge in front of what looks like a minister. 

Next, Brandon and Kelly are standing on a rock in the river — she’s barefoot — kissing.   Then, we see them rowing in a rowboat and dancing on the end of the dock.  Next, they’re walking down the lawn, and Kelly’s got her new husband’s jacket over her wedding dress.  Cut to a close-up of them smooching in a field, and fade out on the words “Brandon and Kelly Blackstock.” Awww.

Meanwhile, just because Kelly and Brandon decided to dispense with a big wedding doesn’t mean she gave up on some other traditional pre-wedding rituals — like the bachelorette party.

E! Online reports that last month, Kelly and her girlfriends got together in Austin, Texas at a place called the Marvelous Vintage Tea Party Co. to throw what’s called an “adult tea party.”  That means that instead of containing Earl Grey and chamomile, the tea pots were filled with whiskey, scotch and other grown-up beverages.  The company’s owner tells E! that these parties are “quite indulgent,” and also feature “liquor-infused tea cocktails,” as well as champagne, regular tea, cakes and other nibbles.

Based on Instagram photos that some of Kelly’s guests have posted, which are hashtagged #kcbp, for “Kelly Clarkson Bachelorette Party,” the party had a 1920’s theme — all the girls were dressed like flappers.  Another guest posted a picture of the gift table, which features some naughty toys among the presents.

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