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When Billy Currington isn’t on the road performing or in the studio working on hit songs like “Hey Girl,” you can bet he’ll be on the water.  Billy began surfing as a kid growing up near the ocean in Georgia.  His passion for the sea has only grown since then, and he now splits his time catching waves between Georgia, Los Angeles and Hawaii.

“I just have so much enjoyment doing it,” Billy says.  “There’s nothing like getting picked up on a huge wave and just being able to point your board in the direction you want to go and just ride it for two minutes and that just be a power and a force from the earth itself, and no one brought that to you but God.”

Surfing also clears Billy’s head when he needs to get away from the pressures of the music business.  If he thinks about anything but surfing while he’s catching a wave, it could spell disaster.

He says, “You don’t just go out there and float.  You gotta paddle out through waves.  You gotta duck dive huge waves, and then you gotta get on ’em right and try not to fall and try not to run over people.”

Billy is on the road this fall in support of his new album, We Are Tonight.  See all of his tour dates at BillyCurrington.com.

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