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Taylor Swift knows she needs to find an honest, good man at some point, but she’s been attracted lately to so-called bad boys like One Direction‘s Harry Styles. In a revealing new interview with InStyle, Taylor admits she needs to move on from chasing that kind of guy.

“My friends tease me about the fact that if someone seems bad or shady or like they have a secret, I find them incredibly interesting,” Taylor says, “That’s just a phase I’ve been in lately. I don’t think this should be how I proceed in life. It’s important to be self-aware about these things because you don’t want to end up with that guy.”

As always, Taylor’s thoughts on love play out in her music, so you can see that bad-boy attraction in songs like “Red” and “I Knew You Were Trouble.” The days of Taylor writing about fairy tales, like in 2008’s “Love Story,” are long gone.

Says Taylor, “Early on, my ideas about love came from a day-dreamy prince-and-princess place. But when I actually experienced it, I realized it wasn’t those things. It can be, but not always.”

Trouble doesn’t just find Taylor in the love department. The 23-year-old has withstood enormous scrutiny from the press and the general public for years.

“Every single part of me has been dissected at some point or another by a blog writer or a 14-year-old girl on a comments page who says something really terrible,” Taylor shares. “Or someone in middle school who points out, ‘You have little eyes.'”

That level of harsh judgment comes from her peers in the music industry, too. When asked about falling onstage during a concert versus falling onstage during an awards show, Taylor says her fans would laugh with her if she took a fall at her own show.

“They aren’t hoping I’ll fall,” she says. “But at an awards show you know there are at least a few people thinking, ‘Trip, trip, trip!'”

Taylor appears on the cover of InStyle‘s November issue, on stands Friday, October 18.

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