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(NEW YORK) — The social media accounts of teen kidnapping survivor Hannah Anderson show a striking contrast between a teen made “sick” by reading the autopsy reports for her mother and brother and a young woman excited to share photos of her new boyfriend at homecoming.

Anderson, 16, appears to be once again using an account on social media site ask.fm to answer questions on topics ranging from school and boys to her kidnapping and loss of her family. She has answered dozens of questions over the past few days.

Most of the questions directed at Anderson are about typical teenage topics, with a few questions about her family and ordeal mixed in.

Anderson wrote that she misses her 8-year-old brother Ethan “every second” and thinks about him and her mother Christina Anderson, 44, all the time.

Authorities say trusted family friend James DiMaggio, 40, killed Anderson’s mother and brother before setting his house on fire and kidnapping the teen. FBI agents killed DiMaggio and rescued Anderson from the Idaho wilderness on Aug. 10.

Autopsy reports released in September said that Christina Anderson died from at least a dozen blows to the head and that the cause of death was undetermined for Ethan whose burned remains were found in the rubble of the house.

“I’m in shock,” Hannah Anderson wrote on the website about finding out how her family had been treated. “I found out about the autopsy at school and I read it I felt so sick I almost went home. I was crying all day.”

When asked why she put herself through reading the reports, she said, “Because I need to know what happened to them.”

One person asked Anderson why she never ran away when left alone in the car if she wasn’t handcuffed.

“How do you know he never had me handcuffed? Because there you are wrong,” she responded. “Don’t assume things you don’t know. Just stop.”

Another asked her if she has a plan for making it through the holidays.

“I have no clue,” she answered. “It’s gonna be really hard.”

In an August interview with NBC’s Today, the teen said she fielded questions on social media because “it just helps me grieve.”

Anderson said she uses social media to keep in contact with her friends.

“I connect to them through Facebook, and Instagram is — it just helps me grieve, like, post pictures and to show how I’m feeling. And I’m a teenager,” she said. “I’m going to go on it.”

She described favorite memories of her mom and brother on the social media site.

“We used to pretend to be WWF wrestlers and wrestle in the living room,” she wrote of her brother. “And mom would be the crazy fans and I’d always let Ethan win.(: ahaha so cute.!”

Of her mom she wrote, “We would sneak out some nights at like 1 in the morning to do our little McDonald’s run for a late night snack. It was funny. We would pretend to be secret agents ahaha. And then just vent to each other in the car.”

In other lighter moments, Anderson wrote about cheese ravioli being her favorite dish and going to homecoming with her boyfriend of a month.

Her Instagram account alternates between photos of a happy-looking teen with her friends and photos of her mom and brother. She also posts image of quotes such as, “I’m not living, I’m just surviving” and “Just because I am strong enough to handle pain doesn’t mean I deserve it.”

Someone asked Anderson if her smiles are fake and whether she’s in denial.

“Some days it hits me,” she said. “Other days it just doesn’t seem real. You wouldn’t understand.”

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