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Darius Rucker is quick to credit his success to having his songs played on the radio, but his love affair with the airwaves began way back in high school. Back then, Darius could hear any kind of music he wanted just by turning the dial.

He says, “You know, it was everything from Boston to Kenny Rogers to, you know, I guess when I was 17 it was a little bit of everything — whatever I liked on the radio.”

That exposure to diverse sounds allowed him to bridge the gap from his rock career with Hootie & The Blowfish to his current stint at the top of the country music heap. Rucker’s latest country single, “Radio,” celebrates the medium’s impact on his eclectic musical tastes.

“It was always just music to me,” Darius says. “It was never hip-hop or country or rock — it was just music. And so, I always looked at it that way.”

“Radio” is the latest single from Darius’s current album, True Believers.

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