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Justin Moore is giving fans a lot of bang for their buck on his new album, Off the Beaten Path. The project contains 16 songs, which is the most he’s ever released on one of his studio albums.

Justin tells Billboard, “It allowed us the space to do some different things that we hadn’t done in the past. We cut the album at a different studio, and it kind of brought a new energy.”

Despite the increased number of tracks, Justin still couldn’t fit in all the great songs he found during the album-making process.

“It’s really difficult for me to let them go,” Justin says of those songs that got away. “There’s a couple of songs that I passed on that people have already cut. I’m going ‘Man, should I have cut that song.'”

Justin made a good call including his latest hit, “Point at You,” on Off the Beaten Path. That lead single is inside the country top 10 and is headed to the top of the chart soon. Off the Beaten Path hits stores next Tuesday.

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