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A lot of Keith Urban‘s songs are inspired by his wife, Nicole Kidman, so it’s safe to assume she’s the muse for some of the sexier tracks on his new album, Fuse, now in stores. Keith sings about dangerous, spontaneous love on new songs like “Cop Car” and the #1 hit, “Little Bit of Everything.” When asked directly about those songs, Keith tells ABC News Radio with a big laugh, “[They’re] just probably reflective of the marriage I’m in, actually. That’s where we are!”

Keith’s global travel schedule is also responsible for the new sounds he explores on Fuse. He spent a lot of time in Sydney as a coach on Australia’s version of The Voice two years ago, and his gig as a judge on American Idol kept him Los Angeles quite a bit last year. In the middle of all of that, Nicole was busy filming movies across Europe, so Keith was flying back and forth across the pond to see her. He heard a lot of new music during those travels.

“All these places that I’m traveling around to, I’m constantly Shazaming songs off the radio or in a restaurant or somewhere, and finding these cool grooves and rhythms and sounds that I wanted to somehow put into my record,” Keith says.

Keith continued that traveling theme recording Fuse in several different cities with a total of eight producers working on separate tracks. As a result, the songs evoke different emotions ranging from the energetic number “She’s My 11” all the way to the intimate vibe of “Come Back to Me.” In explaining the variety of songs on the album, Keith compares them to the various concert venues he’s played over the years.

He says, “You get a song like ‘Love’s Poster Child’ that I did with Jay Joyce and it reminds me of the more sort of the beer soaked pubs and clubs that I’ve played. It’s rougher. It’s looser. It’s more raw.”

Keith continues, “There’s songs like ‘Somewhere in My Car,’ which are much more detailed and produced. They’re a bit more like the arena shows that we play.”

Keith is playing outdoors in New York City Tuesday morning on NBC’s Today show to celebrate the release of Fuse. The project features his latest single, the Miranda Lambert duet, “We Were Us,” as well as a collaboration with Eric Church on “Raise ‘Em Up.”

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