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(FORT PIERCE, Fla.) — For the Schmitt family, the pirate’s life just might be for them.

The Florida family unearthed over $300,000 in gold treasures while on a dive off of the coast of Fort Pierce, Fla., over the weekend. The loot included a 64-foot thin gold chain, five gold coins, and a gold ring that was unearthed just 150 yards offshore in 15 feet of water.

It is believed that the goods came from the wreckage of a hurricane in 1715 that sunk 11 Spanish ships. Queens Jewels, the company that owns the rights to dive in the area, boasts findings of statues, coins, and other historic items.

“Almost on a daily basis we find shipwreck artifacts, musket balls, pottery,” explained co-founder Brent Brisben. “It’s truly amazing.” Last month 51 gold coins worth $250,000 were discovered.

Based off of the ships’ manifests, Brisben estimates that only $175 million of the $600 million worth of treasures have been found. He has as many as 15 different subcontractors, including Booty Salvage, pining to strike gold during the summer months.

The Schmitt’s loot will be split between them and Queens Jewels, with a portion donated to the state of Florida.

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