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Chris Young had a close call with death earlier this month when a bacterial infection caused him to go into septic shock. The bacteria entered his bloodstream through a small wound on his leg caused by an ingrown hair, and the illness required emergency surgery, Thankfully, Chris is back to normal a week-and-a-half after the ordeal. So, has Chris made any major life changes after almost meeting his maker?

“Not really,” he says. “It did make me realize I was like, 28. I’m like, ‘Man, I can’t die now. I gotta bunch of cool stuff I wanna do still.'”

Chris jokes that his label staff would have been highly upset had he not lived to promote his new album, A.M., due out next month.

He remembers thinking, “They literally will revive me and kill me again if I’m not here to do the all of the album press.”

Of course, everyone in Nashville was pulling for Chris’s recovery, including his friend and tour mate Brad Paisley. They’ve struck up a friendship on the road this summer, and Brad even called to check in on Chris when he was hospitalized. The call was mostly heartfelt, though Brad got a joke at Chris’s expense in at the end of the conversation.

Chris says, “It’s nice to have somebody call you and be genuinely concerned and then make fun of you, ’cause that really means that they like you.”

Chris’s new album, A.M., comes out September 17 featuring his latest hit, “Aw Naw.”

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