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Brett Eldredge didn’t set out to become a hit singer/songwriter when he wrote his first song back in college. He was simply goofing around with a friend.

Brett tells American Songwriter, “We recorded it in a college studio up in Illinois. We had no idea what we were doing, and we had a student that probably didn’t know what they were doing in the studio, we were just kind of learning.”

Brett is now thankful for that first songwriting experience.  “I didn’t even know that I was songwriting,” he says. “But you do have to start somewhere, and just open your mind.”

After Brett moved to Nashville a few years ago, he discovered people actually made a living writing songs. That’s when he buckled down to really learn the songwriting craft.

He says, “I spent my time writing a bunch of really bad songs and trying to learn melodies on the guitar. I started whittling down over 300 songs into twelve songs for a record.”

That album, Bring You Back, is now in stores featuring Brett’s #1 hit, “Don’t Ya.”

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