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Looks like that big sign Taylor Swift posted in front of her Rhode Island mansion saying “I knew you were trouble when you walked in/No Trespassing” isn’t working too well.  A 55-year-old man has been charged with trespassing on the singer’s property last month.

Joseph Bernatche appeared in court on Friday and entered a plea of “not guilty”; the case was continued in order to allow police more time to investigate.  He’s due back in court September 6.

E! Online reports that Bernatche is accused of trying to pass a note containing his phone number to one of Taylor’s security guards on July 27.  He was charged with “willful trespass.”

Bernatche’s lawyer, Michael Robinson, told reporters that Bernatche, who had been issued a previous no-trespass notice in April when he was found on Taylor’s property, was “mindful” of what had happened then.  He denied his client was trespassing, and told reporters that Bernatche flagged the security guard to come and meet him at the edge of the driveway so he would not be on the property itself.

Robinson told reporters that his client gave the guard a note, which had his phone number on it, along with an invitation for Taylor to call him.  Then, Robinson says, he turned around and walked away. When he drove past the property on his way back home, Robinson told reporters, the security guard noticed the make, model and license plate of Bernatche’s car, and called the police, who arrested him.

“It was a warrantless arrest without an investigation,” said Robinson. When asked why Bernatche was doing on Taylor’s property back in April, he said he didn’t know.

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