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(EAST GRAND FORKS, Minn.) — Parting with your prized possession is never fun, but as Robbie and Pam Love, of East Grand Forks, Minn., can attest, getting $17,500 in return for it can cushion the blow.

Amongst the usual garage sale items such as tools, kitchenware and other household goods, Robbie Love decided he’d also sell his vintage 1946 Cessna 140 airplane in the garage sale he was helping his father organize.

“We just put it in there as a last-minute deal,” Love, 58, told GoodMorningAmerica.com. “We were going to have a garage sale for my dad, and I just figured I’d put it in there to see what interest there was in the local area. And geez, I’ve gotten calls from all over.”

Love posted the 67-year-old plane in the classified ads of their local paper and began hearing some big bids, which came as a surprise since it was easily the most expensive item included in the sale.

“There are three buyers in mind. It all depends on how it falls into place,” said Love. “Generally, if you go to sell something you get four or five calls, but I’ve easily gotten 30 or 40 calls.”

Love originally bought the plane back in 1978 for $5,500.

“We were just looking for an older airplane we could afford and one that met our criteria, and that’s the airplane we came up with,” he said. “It’s just a good, little flying airplane.”

But the 1946 Cessna also had one feature that was very important in order for Love to use it: hand controls.

After a car accident in 1976 left him wheelchair-bound and unable to walk, Love wanted to ensure he could continue with his hobby as a pilot. And he did, until now, deciding to sell only after the cost of flying has become so much more expensive over the years.

“When I started flying, we were buying gas for 76 cents a gallon, and now it’s over six dollars,” Love explained.

And although making the decision to sell has been bittersweet for Love — he’s changed his mind about actually going through with it three times in the past week — the extra money will provide ammo for the couple’s other passion, trap shooting.

“We do a lot of shooting,” he said. “And we go to Arizona for the winter, so it’s just time.”

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