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Luke Bryan‘s album, Crash My Party, is on track to sell about 450,000 copies in its first week, so it seems like everyone is listening to that album. The only person who isn’t spinning the disc this week is Luke himself. He already wore the music out during the album-making process.

Luke tells ABC News Radio, “I will listen thousands of times. And when I say thousands, I mean, thousands. But when the day it comes out, I typically won’t listen to it again.”

Luke even got up early on mornings after his concerts to drink coffee and listen to the album on his bus.

“My guys on my bus, they wake up and their hair’s all [messed up], and they’re like, “What in the hell are you listening [to] at 8:30 in the morning?'” Luke says, “I just sit there and listen because until it’s out, there’s still potentially something I can change.”

Now that Luke has released Crash My Party, he’s already writing and gathering songs for other upcoming projects.  “On to the next,” he says.

Crash My Party features the #1 hit title cut as well as Luke’s brand-new single, “That’s My Kind of Night.”

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