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Luke Bryan has the bass bumping and the speakers turned way up at his sold out shows on the Dirt Road Diaries tour, so it’s only natural that he brings that big sound to his new album, Crash My Party, now in stores.

The party gets started right off the bat with the opening track, “That’s My Kind of Night,” which is also the current single.  Before the double platinum success of tailgates & tanlines, Luke probably wouldn’t have included a country and rap hybrid like “That’s My Kind of Night” on an album, much less release it to radio.  Now that he’s on his fourth album, Luke figures his relationship with his fans is strong enough to allow him to experiment with his sound a little bit.

“I mean, I’m never gonna get to where I’m scared to try something,” Luke tells ABC News Radio.  “I may screw something up, but as long as I admit, ‘I screwed up, I’m sorry and hey, cut me some slack on the next time,’ I think your true fans will go, ‘Hey Luke, he kinda went out there.’  So, never get too serious with it is my take.”

There’s not much question Luke’s fans will snatch up Crash My Party as soon as it comes out. They’ve been buying his concert tickets in huge numbers all year long.

Says Luke, “That’s a big, exciting moment is when you got new singles and new music and people are getting their hands on it and wanting to hear it live and having fun with it.”

When those fans press play on Crash My Party, they may notice Luke’s singing is stronger than ever. His voice was already in top shape from performing on the road night after night. Luke also spent more time singing in the studio than on any of his previous albums. He’s so pleased with the results, Luke is worried he may not be able to pull those impressive vocal parts off live.

“I may have actually sang too good on this one,” Luke says with a smile, “’cause sometimes I can’t sing that good live. So, I hope people don’t think we did studio tricks or anything. It’s all me.”

Look for Luke to perform a mini-concert on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live Tuesday night.

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