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Keith Urban fans are in for some surprising sounds like drum loops and synthesizers on his upcoming album, Fuse, due out September 10. That doesn’t mean Keith has done away with his signature banjo and guitar sounds altogether.

“It’s not like I’ve gone off and done a polka album or a screamo album,” Keith tells Rolling Stone with a laugh. “I just wanted to see how far I could go before it’s not me.”

While the sounds on Fuse push new boundaries for Keith, he’s actually singing with a little added twang in his voice on certain tracks, like “Love’s Poster Child.” This personal evolution fits in with some of Keith’s quite lofty thoughts on country music as a whole.

Keith says, “I’ve always found country to be basically like a church. It’s got to keep evolving, but it’s gotta do it in a way that it doesn’t lose its values or its core congregation. But it has to continue attracting new parishioners.”

Keith’s message seems to be getting out to the country congregation just fine. The lead single from Fuse, “Little Bit of Everything,” is well on its way to the top of the country chart.

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