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(NEW YORK) — They are being called the Ocean’s 16. The 16 people who participated in a lottery pool at work are also being called multi-millionaires for winning a one-third share of the $448.4 million Powerball drawing.

And some might call them crazy — or dedicated — for showing up this week at the municipal garage where they work in Ocean County, N.J.

“They’re in shock. They’re trying to do what they need to do to get things in order,” Ocean County Vehicle Maintenance Department director Jim Pine told ABC News. “It took a little bit to clear their heads yesterday.”

“By them coming in yesterday, and they’re here for the most part today doing their job — that should tell you a lot of about who they are,” he said.

“They are outstanding people,” Pine said.

The 16 are employees of the Ocean County Vehicle Maintenance Department in Toms River, N.J. It’s not known when they intend to go public and claim their bonanza.

They will divvy up $149.4 million, which would be reduced to $86 million if taken in a lump sum, and reduced further to $58.3 million after taxes if taken in a lump sum.

Pine said they winners include men and women, ages 30 and older, and make up 25 percent of his vehicle maintenance department.

The winners — who have earned the name of Ocean’s 16 — are “quite the crew,” Pine said.

“For me, it’s an even greater joy because they’re my friends and people I’ve been working with for a long time,” he said.

Pine said the winners are “a close-knit group.”

“Once one knew, they all knew,” he said. “They got the numbers and starting calling each other. Then they came to work [on Thursday] and discussed some options.”

Pine said some of the winners live near the Acme Markets store in Little Egg Harbor, N.J., where the winning ticket was sold.

The garage workers will split their winnings from one of the largest jackpots in lottery history with Paul White, 45, of Ham Lake, Minn., who works for an electrical contractor.

The third winning ticket was also sold in New Jersey at a Stop & Shop in South Brunswick. The winner has still not come forward.

The winning numbers in Wednesday’s drawing were 58-5-25-59-30 and powerball 32.

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