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(ORLANDO, Fla.) — The judge who presided over the intensely watched Casey Anthony trial became well-known for his no-nonsense style and candid facial expressions. And now, he may soon be following in the footsteps of famous TV judges like Judge Judy and Judge Joe Brown.

Orange and Osceola Counties Chief Judge Belvin Perry became a household name during Anthony’s 2011 murder trial. Anthony was acquitted of charges that she murdered her daughter Caylee.

The Ninth Circuit of Florida Twitter account tweeted this week, “Confirmation – Judge Perry is exploring his options, including TV Judge shows.”

“Since the end of the trial, a number of people have approached me about doing this,” Perry told ABC News Orlando affiliate WFTV. “It’s an option that’s out there and I would be foolish not to look at it and see whether or not it’s a viable option.”

Perry identified two goals for a potential show: “To provide 1) entertainment and 2) to provide the same insight as to how the law operates.”

Jim Lichtenstein, the TV producer working with Perry said that the judge had a “stack of messages from Hollywood” after the Anthony trial was over. He took some time to consider his options and then chose to work with Lichtenstein.

“We had gone out to syndicators and at that point all the syndicators were kind of pushing away from judge shows and didn’t think they wanted to do them anymore,” Lichtenstein told ABC News Wednesday.

But the recent large public interest in trials including those of Jodi Arias and George Zimmerman have proven otherwise.

“I think the syndicators saw the trend is there’s a huge audience for court television,” he said.

“There were Twitter accounts just set up for the stuff that he would say, ‘Judge Perry Says…’ He would come up with interesting quotes, interesting bites,” Lichtenstein said. “He’s a funny guy. Obviously, during Casey there was a life on the line so he was a little more measured and thoughtful about what he was saying.”

Lichtenstein said that no deal has been finalized, but conversations and meetings are ongoing. He is optimistic about Perry’s future in television.

“He looks like a character. He sounds like a character. He has that Southern drawl to him,” Lichtenstein said.

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