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Taylor Swift wanted a fresh look for the photography in the liner notes of her latest album, Red, so she turned to her photographer friend Sarah Barlow.

Taylor says, “She’s really young. She’s really wonderful, and she’d never done an album shoot before.”

The album cover photo was shot in the backyard of designer Ruthie Lindsey‘s house in East Nashville. As soon as Taylor saw that shot, which shows the singer’s face covered in shadow with a shock of red lipstick adding color, she knew that would be the one that made the cover.

“We’ve never had that happen before,” Taylor explains. “We’ve always been like, ‘Well, maybe this one -– maybe that one — maybe that one,’ but I knew it when I saw this photo because it’s really mysterious and you don’t quite know what I’m thinking and you can’t quite see me.”

That elusive cover photo is an indication of the confessional lyrics found on Red. Though Taylor hides secret messages hinting at the origin of each song in the lyric sheet, the identity of the guys who inspired some of those songs will forever remain a secret.

Taylor says, “People think they know who I’ve dated and they just don’t. They don’t know everything. And so, there are some of these secrets that may go completely unanswered, and that’s fine with me. Because the one thing I have at the end of the day is that I never reveal who each song is about.”

As previously reported, Taylor recently teamed up with the queen of keeping musical secrets, Carly Simon, for a duet of “You’re So Vain” at one of Taylor’s recent concerts. Carly has kept the identity of the guy who inspired that song a secret for more than 40 years now, and we’re thinking Taylor can stay mum on the guys behind her songs that long too.

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