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Contrary to popular belief, Taylor Swift didn’t invent the concept of going through a breakup, writing a hit song about the guy who broke her heart, and then refusing to identify him.  Back in 1973, long before Taylor was born, singer/songwriter Carly Simon hit #1 with “You’re So Vain,” a pointed kiss-off to an unnamed ex-boyfriend.  Years later, she still hasn’t revealed who inspired the song — which is why it was so cool that she sang it with Taylor this past weekend during Taylor’s concert in Foxboro, Mass.

“When I heard ‘You’re So Vain,’ I just thought, ‘That is the best song that has ever been written,” says Taylor.  “That is the most direct way that anyone has ever addressed a breakup.  It’s amazing!” 

Simon, who rarely performs live, says she was thrilled to go onstage in front of thousands of screaming Taylor fans and duet on her most famous hit.

“It was just so wonderful that I just wanna do it again!” Simon laughs. “She was so great and she really led me through the, my own song, she was just so loving of the whole thing…we moved together and apart, it was dramatic…it was great!”

Aside from the fact that Taylor writes songs that are similar in tone to “You’re So Vain,” there are two other reasons why it’s perfect that Taylor ended up singing with Carly Simon.  One is that Taylor is actually named after James Taylor, who’s Simon’s ex-husband and the father of her children.  The second reason is that earlier this year, Taylor duetted onstage with Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones, who sang backup on the original recording of “You’re So Vain” and has long been rumored to have inspired the track.

Now that Taylor and Simon are buddies, Taylor jokes that Simon has told her who the song is about.  In a video of the two backstage, Taylor asks who “You’re So Vain” is about.  Carly replies, “Well, I’ve already told you, and I’ve told you never to tell. So you know!”  Taylor replies, to the camera, “Well, I was just thinking maybe she might tell you, but I do know now.”

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