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(SAN FRANCISCO) — The Federal Aviation Administration is no longer allowing visual approach landings at San Francisco International Airport to foreign airlines landing there, ABC News has learned.

“Apparently the FAA is seeing that foreign carriers are not able to handle this visual approach at SFO and they’re no longer allowing anybody except U.S. crews to hand fly approaches into SFO,” says ABC News aviation consultant Col. Steve Ganyard.

Ganyard says the new policy is no doubt a result of the July 6 Asiana Airlines crash landing in which three people died.

The Boeing 777, which originated in Seoul, South Korea, was carrying 291 passengers and 16 crew members when it crash-landed on the airport runway and burst into flames.

The National Transportation Safety Board has not yet determined the cause of the crash.  However, investigators have said Flight 214 was flying “significantly below” its target speed during approach when the crew tried to abort the landing just before the plane crashed onto the runway.

Ganyard says the policy change is also in response to an increase in “go arounds” by foreign crews landing at the airport.

“Apparently in the past couple weeks we’ve seen more of these visual approaches that have not gone as well as they should have and these aircraft have done what’s called waving off, which means they go around…bring up the gear and they go around and they try again,” he says.

Ganyard notes that the FAA is only focusing on foreign carriers, not U.S. carriers: “They’re saying they’re only seeing these problems with foreign carriers which raises the question: Are foreign carriers trained to the degree they need to be to fly within U.S. airspace?”

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