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Jake Owen is lucky to have his fingers after his July 7 go-kart accident in North Carolina. Jake was doing about 40 miles per hour when he flipped the go-kart on his head and then landed again, nearly severing his digits. The doctors at the ER sewed his fingers back on, but he had undergo surgery to reconstruct the shattered finger bones once he got back to Nashville.

Jake tells CMT.com, “The doctor said it was like taking a cinder block and dropping it on your hand. Like it spider webbed the bones inside my fingers. So he had to suture the bones back up to even make it a bone and then put a screw in there to keep it together.

Doctors won’t know for another eight weeks if Jake will ever be able to bend his fingers the same way. The injury has left Jake unable to drive his boat or play guitar, but he mostly misses holding his young daughter, Pearl.

Though the injury is very painful, Jake didn’t miss any of his concerts. The first show he played after the accident was at Boston’s Fenway Park with Jason Aldean. The courage of that town’s citizens following the Boston Marathon bombings inspired him to go on despite the pain.

“I thought that if those people are Boston strong, then I’m gonna be Boston strong,” Jake says.

Jake continues on with his tour schedule this Thursday in Kearney, NE.

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