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(SANFORD, Fla.) — The fate of George Zimmerman now rests in the hands of six women, five of them mothers.

They range in age from their early 30s to women in their 60s. Four of the women either have experience with guns or relatives who are gun owners. Two of them share a passion for rescuing animals. Five of them are white and the sixth is a minority, believed to be Hispanic.

They will decide the racially charged case in which Zimmerman, 29, is accused of second degree murder for shooting Trayvon Martin, 17. Zimmerman, a white Hispanic, maintains that he shot the black teenager in self-defense.

They could let Zimmerman walk free or convict him of a crime that could send him to prison for the rest of his life.

The names of the jurors have been kept anonymous and the cameras in the courtroom have avoided showing their faces.

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