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Performing the national anthem in front of thousands of people will make almost any singer nervous, but it’s no sweat for country newcomer Brett Eldredge.  He’s been impressing people singing that song since he was four years old.

“That’s the first song I ever learned,” Brett says.

“The Star-Spangled Banner” is also the first song Brett got paid to perform.

He says, “I used to go to family parties and they’d pay me $5 to sing it.  I’d get really nervous, so I’d stand in the other room, and I’d sing it.”

Though it may seem strange for a four-year-old to memorize the national anthem, Brett has a perfectly logical reason for mastering those tricky lyrics so quickly.

“I was watching baseball games, Cubs games, and it would always be on the Cubs games,” Brett explains.  “So, that’s how — I heard it so many times, I just learned the words that way.”

Brett performed the national anthem for 60,000 country fans at the CMA Music Festival last month in Nashville.

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