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The artwork for Kelly Clarkson‘s new single “Tie It Up” shows Kelly dressed as a bride, with her arm literally tied to someone else’s arm.  But don’t think she went and got some random dude to be an “arm model” for the shoot: she was 100 percent faithful to her fiance.

In a new behind-the-scenes video, Kelly reveals that she dragged her fiance Brandon Blackstock to the photo shoot, just so she could be tied to HIS arm in the photo.  “I’m making him.  He absolutely did not want to do this, but I’m making him,” Kelly says in the video, as we see her and Brandon being tied together with rope for the photo session.  “I just need his arm,” laughs Kelly.

In the video, as a bunch of stylists swarm around Kelly primping and glamming her up, Brandon just stands there in regular clothes with a bemused expression on his face, with his arm tied to Kelly’s.  At one point, she looks over to him, and that’s the shot that was captured for the single artwork.  So now you know not only who she’s tied to, but also who she’s looking at.

“Tie It Up” is at iTunes now, and so is Kelly’s other single, “People Like Us.”  Fans can choose whether or not they want to hear Kelly’s country side or pop side.

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