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Billy Currington is having a lot of fun with his latest single, “Hey Girl,” and that lighthearted vibe continues on the rest of Billy’s new album, We Are Tonight.  Billy explains that cutting all these happy songs just happened organically.

He says, “I don’t have anything sad to write about.  And with the songs I hear, I seem to tend to draw towards the happier songs that other people write.  So, nothing planned on that either.  It’s just how that came out.”

Billy spends most of his time off the road on the water in California, Hawaii or his home state of Georgia, so that explains the sunny slant of his new music.  There was one sad song that Billy loved though, called “Like It Never Happened,” but he felt he had to drop it from the album.

“I didn’t really want people to be laying out at a pool or something like that on the beach or whatever and hear the album and finally get to that one downer, and that makes ’em shut off the CD,” Billy says with a laugh. “So, I was like, ‘I’ll take it off there.'”

We Are Tonight features a collaboration with Willie Nelson on the track “It’s Hard to Be a Hippie” as well as Billy’s cover of the Jack Johnson song “Banana Pancakes.”  The video for “Hey Girl” is now airing at Vevo.com.

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