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David Nail has a brand-new single, “Whatever She’s Got,” now climbing the charts, but his new hairdo is getting just as much attention as the new music. David recently got a flat-top hairstyle with the sides shaved short and longer hair combed back on the top. There wasn’t much thought put into the hairstyle on David’s end though.

He tells ABC News Radio, “I walked into a place down in Franklin where we live. I just said, ‘I want something easy, something simple.’ I’ve always been jealous of people that just kind of were able to wake up and throw it back and not have worry about it.”

David had no idea fans would have such strong opinions about his new haircut though. One fan even reviewed David’s hair and single in a single tweet.

“His comment was, ‘I love the new single. The hair, change that’,” David says, “and I thought that that was the funniest thing. I’m pretty sure I retweeted it just because he was so matter-of-fact about it.” 

Fans will see more of David’s new haircut in his upcoming video for “Whatever She’s Got,” coming out soon.

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